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Reflective Safety Vest / Traffic Safety Vest

Reflective Safety Vest / Traffic Safety Vest Reflective safety vest<br /> Orange reflective safety vest, with reflecting stripes for high visibility, conforms to European Standard EN471. Made from top-quality, hard-wearing polyester knit. An essential item in your car to guard against accidents when changing a tyre or on the way to the emergency telephone. Ideal for joggers and to keep the children safe on their way to school.
Also available in yellow
Reflective safety vest

Note: Reflective vests a legal requirement on the road!

An increasing number of countries require drivers to carry a reflective safety vest in the car. Since April 1, 2004, drivers in Italy must wear a reflective vest outside built-up areas if they are on the road after a breakdown or accident.
Reflective Safety Vest / Traffic Safety Vest
In Spain, this requirement comes into force on July 24 for all drivers, including tourists. Non-compliance may lead to expensive fines. In Portugal, France and Austria, the reflective vest is also expected to become a legal requirement in 2004. In Germany, all company and trade vehicles are required to carry a reflective vest on board.

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Transfer printing and reflex colours only on request


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